About BKI

Right from the start in 1960 our company BKI Kaffe a/s has delivered quality coffee to Danish consumers. Our founder Mr Svend Mathiesen was inspired during his long stay in Brazil to start the company "Brasil Kaffe Import". Our company has since grown steadily so that today we are the largest supplier of coffee to the coffee loving Danish people - and in addition to this we have also a strongly growing export.
We roast and pack coffee from all over the world at our high-tech coffee plant in Højbjerg near Aarhus. Today, BKI is one of the biggest players in the coffee market and is the only wholly Danish-owned coffee producer with production facilities in Denmark selling to the retail and food service sector.

In addition to coffee, we sell other foods such as Lindt chocolate, De Cecco pasta, olive oils and numerous other specialities destined for the specialised retail trade. In 2008, we therefore decided to change our name to BKI foods, which is a more appropriate description of our company’s activities.

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