Food safety

Food safety and quality are a team sport at BKI. Our goal is to manufacture safe, high-quality foods while focusing on our customers’ needs.

Through sustained effort and development, we have built up a strong culture and indomitable team spirit in our work with quality and food safety.

For us, this means that each team member knows his place and that we work together as a team to achieve the best possible results. In the sporting analogy, while some create the framework and mark out the pitch, others with direct food safety responsibility ensure that the ball reaches the goal.

Much of BKI foods’ DNA centres around food safety and quality, bound together by the company’s committed workforce. BKI’s employees continually undergo quality and food safety training and are proud of the considerable expertise they possess in this area. In this way, quality and food safety are the very backbone of the company.

We have developed a series of common tools that continually drive improvements throughout the entire chain – from raw coffee to the finished brew. These activities play a key role in boosting productivity, improving processes and reducing complaints.

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